Friends of Chaco - A New Mexico Nonprofit Supporting Chaco Culture National Historical Park

Yakanal, the Pueblo-Maya Youth Cultural Exchange, returns to Chaco

The most recent gathering of youth participating in Yakanal brought them to Laguna Pueblo and Chaco to participate in a Media Training program that allowed the youth to edit their own footage taken during prior cultural exchange gatherings towards the development of a short video on the importance of water from cultural and preservation perspectives.

The Third Pueblo-Maya Youth Cultural Exchange – A great success thanks to the participants and the support of Friends of Chaco

On Camping at Chaco Culture National Historical Park and Aztec Ruins National Monument provided an immersive experience to the 49 participants with the opportunity to learn about Ancestral Pueblo culture.August 14-22, Maya and Pueblo youth and elders met for a cultural exchange in New Mexico and Colorado for the Third Pueblo-Maya Cultural Exchange.

Five new park projects are funded by Friends of Chaco–worth $30,700

During our April Friends of Chaco Board meeting, park Superintendent Larry Turk and his staff presented us with a list of projects that would benefit from the support of the Friends. After deliberation, we decided to fund six exciting projects. We will support: Maya-Pueblo Youth Cultural Exchange: This August, a group of approximately 45 youth and elders from the Pueblos in New Mexico and Maya towns in Mexico and Guatemala will visit Chaco and two other ancestral sites–Aztec Ruins National Monument and Mesa Verde National Park–as well as  the contemporary Pueblos of Laguna, Zia, and Acoma. These special places will offer…

Telescope Rebuild Funded by the Friends of Chaco

The Park owns several telescopes which are used for public viewing during the night sky programs. One of these, a 17.5” reflecting telescope, had deteriorated over the years. The primary mirror was still in very good condition, but the mechanical parts of the telescope originally had been built in such a manner that the telescope could be sold fairly cheaply 10 years ago when it was purchased. Private donations were secured to provide one half of the funding to purchase parts and materials to build a modern truss tube Dobsonian telescope utilizing the existing 17.5” primary mirror. Friends of Chaco…