Friends of Chaco - A New Mexico Nonprofit Supporting Chaco Culture National Historical Park



Child themes

If you decide to make changes to this theme, it is recommended to create a child theme.

It might be more difficult approach than simply overwriting the current files, but you won’t lose your changes when you update the theme.

Make sure to override script and stylesheet loading functions from functions.php, since they load these files from the parent theme.


Stylesheets are generated from SCSS source files located in css folder.

Do not change the generated CSS file in wp-content/uploads, because these changes will be discarded when the style is regenerated.

The main CSS file is recompiled when a change in css/main.css.php is detected.

WP SASS currently cannot detect changes in other .scss files. If you make a change in any other .scss file, resavemain.scss.php file (change is detected by remembering when it was last modified).

Layout composer

Pages can be build using Layout composer feature. Simply click Layout composer when creating or editing page.

Layout composer builds the page by inserting wigets into rows and columns. The data is then serialized and saved as a content. Do not manipulate these data, since even a small mistake will make the layout invalid.

If your content cannot be loaded properly (you will see some weird text in content editor instead of Layout composer), there is a problem in the data. Use revisions to restore the latest working configuration.


All options are available in standard WordPress theme customization panel.

Additionally, you can make changes manually in css/main.scss.php.

Dropdown menus

For menu items pointing to any archive (category, posts), you can use show list of articles in the menu.

To enable this option for a particular menu item, go to Appearance → Menus and check CSS classes in Screen Options.

A new menu-item field called CSS Classes (optional) will appear. Insert there either menu-articles-full ormenu-articles-list, depending on the style you want.


Almost all of the features are available from TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor. Make sure all buttons are shown (by clicking the last button in the first row of editor toolbar).


Some features cannot be integrated into TinyMCE editor and are implemented as shortcodes.



Accordion tab

Fusce dapibus, tellus ac cursus commodo, tortor mauris condimentum nibh, ut fermentum massa justo sit amet risus.


title A title.
open Whether acccordion should be opened by default or not. Does not accept and values.
content The actual content of the accordion.

Google Maps

Display beautifully styled maps.


latitude Latitude of the map center (in floating point number).
longitude Longitude of the map center (in floating point number).
zoom The zoom of the map. From 0 (farthest) to 18 (closes).
query A common name of a place. This place will be shown with a marker and description.

Contact form

This template supports Contact Form 7.

Download the plugin and simply use its shortcode as instructed.